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Using OBIEE to Retrieve Essbase Data: The Seven Steps You Won't Find Written Down
Topic: Business Intelligence
Owner: Edward Roske
Date: 2013-08-02
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

If you've ever tried to find information on accessing Essbase from OBIEE, you'll be scouring badly written blogs for days, because there just isn't much published on this.  Our session will cover the 7 poorly documented steps you must do to make sure your Essbase cube isn't flattened, it's in the correct outline order, aliases appear, and more.  If you own Essbase & OBIEE and would like to integrate them, learn these 7 steps and you too can start your own badly written blog (no offense).

Download File   KSCOPE 13 - Using OBIEE to Retrieve Essbase Data.pdf

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