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Java Enhancements and Best Practices in Oracle Database 18
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Karin Gately
Date: 2018-04-20

 Nirmala Sundarappa and Kuassi MensahOracle Corporation

Java developers, DBAs, and architects aim at designing and deploying highly performant, scalable, and available applications to meet cloud scale deployments and continuous availability. The new capabilities in Oracle Database 18 aim at fulfilling these requirements. This session shows how the latest enhancements in the Oracle JDBC driver, along with new UCP APIs, will improve the performance. It addresses how Java web applications can achieve extreme scalability to sustain large-scale applications through shared database architecture, and also discusses an intuitive solution to ease planned maintenance, i.e. JDBC driver handles Fast Application Notification (FAN) events, offering the simple and easy solution to achieve high availability for customers. Last but not least, this session discusses new security requirements and enhancements to connect to Oracle Database Service on Cloud.

Download File   Best Practices in Oracle Database 18 N Sundarappa_Edit.mp4

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