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The Profitability Spectrum: Use Cases for Every Organization
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Mike Killeen
Date: 2018-09-26
Subtopic: EPM

Tom Gargas and  Mike Killeen, Edgewater Ranzal 

Profitability is a major indicator of business performance. Unfortunately, the typical financial system manages expenses and revenues from different perspectives. As a result, finance teams often rely on large, complex allocation models (sometimes “black box” systems) to provide management with the strategic P&L’s by geographical area, business unit, product, segment, and more—all in an attempt to pivot from “what it is,” to “what it’s for.” Regardless of industry, company size, or function, more strategic insight into underlying cost structures and their impact on profitability is necessary. 

 Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Service (PCMCS) is a performance management application that introduces a world of possibilities for organizations to enhance financial data generated through their general ledgers and EPM systems into meaningful, accurate, and consumable information. Unlike traditional profitability systems, which require a large investment in both infrastructure and related technical overhead, PCMCS allows business users to easily create and manage their profitability systems with unparalleled speed and efficiency, supporting numerous use cases in both the financial close and management reporting domains, including:

  • IT Financial Management
  • Operational Transfer Pricing
  • Expense Allocations
  • Fully Allocated P&L—Strategic P&L's
  • Operational Profitability

In this webinar, Tom Gargas, director of solutions consulting, and Mike Killeen, senior vice president of technology and strategy and Oracle Ace, deliver a presentation to demonstrate PCMCS as a solution with benefits for every industry—one that empowers business users to gain insight into hidden profit and cost across key business dimensions. The presentation provides:

  • An overview of business needs using a perspective around corporate and shared service allocations
  • An overview of the PCMCS solution capabilities and functionality, including a comparison to other EPM tools
  • A demo of the PCMCS application



Download File   The Profitability Spectrum Tom Gargas and Mike Killeen Edgewater Ranzal.mp4

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