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Oracle Database In-Memory – Enabling Real-Time Analytics
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Andy Rivenes
Date: 2019-05-31
Subtopic: Analytics

Andy Rivenes, Oracle Corporation

Oracle Database In-Memory introduces a new in-memory columnar format that is compatible with all existing applications. This session will detail what motivated Oracle to develop this new technology and how it works alongside the traditional row format to provide a unique “dual format” architecture. This session will explore how Database In-Memory enables "Real-Time Analytics" by allowing analytic style queries to be run directly on source data. It will also explore the key performance enhancing features of Database In-Memory including in-memory scans, predicate push down, hash joins with bloom filters, vector group by aggregation, and new high-performance features like In-Memory Expressions and Join Groups. 

Download File   Oracle Database In-Memory Enabling RealTime Analytics Andy Rivenes Oracle.mp4
Download File   DBIM_Real-Time-Analytics.pdf

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