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Oracle Spatial Studio: Fast and Easy Spatial Analytics and Maps
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Karin Gately
Date: 2019-10-11
Subtopic: Analytics

Carol Palmer and L. J. Qian, Oracle Corporation

In this session, we'll share a new tool, Spatial Studio, which lets you quickly and easily do spatial analytics and create maps, even if you don't have GIS or spatial knowledge. Now business users and non-GIS developers have a simple user interface to access the spatial features in Oracle Database.

We’ll show you through step-by-step demos how to prepare your data for spatial analysis, perform spatial analysis operations, publish, and share the results. You will also learn how to access spatial analyses results via REST and incorporate them in applications and workflows.

Carol Palmer, senior principal product manager, and L.J. Qian, Director of Software Development, will present. This will be an interactive session where you can share questions and comments with the presenters.

Download File   Oracle Spatial Studio Fast and Easy Spatial Analytics and Maps Carol Palmer L.J. Qian.mp4

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