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Putting the Pieces in Place: How to Foster a Healthy Work-Life Balance
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Alecsandra Maria Mlynarzek
Date: 2020-01-09

Alecs Mlynarzek, Alithya; Neviana Zhgaba, GE Corporate; Natalie Delemar, PWC; Gary Crisci, General Electric; and John Patterson, Alithya

Our jobs are big parts of our lives, but they should not be our only focus. A good work-life balance has numerous benefits: improved health, higher engagement and morale, increased productivity, and overall reduced stress. How can we effectively split our time between our work and our personal or family time without compromising our career goals and opportunities? 

Hear from a group of panelists who have a proven track record of success in both their careers and personal lives. Learn their techniques and strategies for ensuring they do not burn themselves out or lose touch with what matters most.

Download File   Putting the Pieces in Place How to Foster a Healthy work Life Balance.mp4

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