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How to Figure Out Why Your Query Is Taking Forever...In Less Than 30 Seconds!
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Kaley Crum
Date: 2020-01-28
Subtopic: Development

Kaley Crum, Riceland Foods

Anyone who’s familiar with tuning SQL knows that you need to get the execution plan for a query. But once you’ve got an execution plan, what do you do with it? Everyone understands that an execution plan is important for diagnosing, but almost no one knows how to answer questions like, “Which step in the execution plan is taking the longest? Which hardware component (CPU, memory, disk) is causing my query’s bottleneck? Is my parallel query making good use of its resources, or are they being wasted?” If you have 30 seconds and the Oracle Tuning and Diagnostic Pack license for your database, you can find the answer to these questions—and more!

Download File   How to Figure Out Why Your Query is Taking Forever K Crum.mp4

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