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The Future of EPM Reporting – MR
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Mohit Jain
Date: 2020-03-10
Subtopic: EPM

Megha Chopra and Mohit Jain, Genpact

Reporting is the final destination of converting raw data into information to run your business. MR is going to be the future of reporting as FR is going away. However, companies that are on FR should upgrade to MR. This is not a quick and easy decision, especially if your organization has built reports extensively in FR. But thanks to the flexibility of MR, it does allow auto-migration to an extent.

The learning objectives for this session are: 

  1. Learn about management reporting components
  2. Differences in point of view
  3. What features are not supported in MR?
  4. Learn about auto-migration of objects
  5. How to migrate FR to MR

Are you also looking forward to an FR to MR migration? Join us on this webinar to explore these topics, some possible strategies/solutions, and how they impact you!

Download File   The Future of EPM Reporting MR M Chopra and M Jain 030520.mp4

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