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EPM 11.2: Lessons Learned and 2021 Preparedness
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Dave Shay
Date: 2020-03-13
Subtopic: EPM

Dave Shay, Datavail

As we all know, EPM 11.2 is here! But…it was released too late in 2019 for most organizations to budget an on-premises EPM upgrade for fiscal 2020. However, the end of support for is also looming in 2021. If you’re staying on premises, an upgrade to 11.2 should go live no later than December 2021 (earlier if subject to SOX controls).

Rather than waiting for the next budget cycle to roll around, this webinar will show attendees how to prepare for an upgrade this year without spending significant time and capital. We’ll also share what we’ve learned while upgrading to 11.2 and what you can expect post install.


Download File   EPM 112 Lessons Learned and 2021 Preparedness Dave Shay.mp4

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