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From SQL*Loader to APEX_DATA_PARSER: Exploring the API
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Rodolfo Jose Rodriguez
Date: 2020-06-23
Subtopic: Application Express

Rodolfo Rodriguez, Viscosity NA

For years and years we have been dealing with data loads, imports, migrations, and a variety of requirements needed to feed our Oracle Databases. We have a lot of tools, features, APIs, and even our own good old scripts for data imports in all the flavors and colors. How could APEX help us? The APEX team, once again, has added such a great feature for us. The APEX_DATA_PARSER API. With it, we have limitless possibilities. I’d like to show you how we could upload data from almost anywhere (web services included) using the new APEX_DATA_PARSER. We’ll be exploring some real use cases for the API and how we could reduce (at least by a half) the development time for our requirements. Finally, I’ll be sharing a sort of “how to” for the most common data loading needs.

Download File   From SQL Loader to APEX DATA PARSER Exploring the API Rodolfo Rodriguez.mp4

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