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Change Complex Requirements to Simple Solutions: Customization of FCCS Consolidation Rules
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Mohit Jain
Date: 2020-06-26
Subtopic: EPM

Megha Chopra and Mohit Jain, Genpact

FCCS provides powerful inbuilt configurable consolidation. Every organization has to customize their consolidation rules as dictated by their company's internal structure. Consolidation methods and configurable consolidation rules are the two important pillars for setting up custom consolidation for the organization.

We are presenting a session on FCCS's powerful configurable consolidation. Learning objectives for this session include:

1.      The seven system-defined consolidation methods and how to use them effectively
2.      What are the consolidation methods' configurable parameters – (ownership %, consolidation %, control and minority (non-controlling) interest %)
3.      How to create custom consolidation methods
4.      Ownership management: how to define the consolidation settings to each entity hierarchy on a scenario, year, and period
5.      Data forms and dimensions setup for ownership module
6.      How to use nine seeded consolidation rules
7.      How to use standard elimination consolidation rules
8.      Advanced configurable consolidation rules
9.      How to effectively use consolidation rulesets and rules


Download File   Customization of FCCS Consolidation Rules M Chopra and M Jain.mp4

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