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Craft Beer in the Cloud: A Data Warehouse Case Study
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Dani Schnider
Date: 2020-07-30

Dani Schnider, Trivadis and Andrea Kennel, Consultant

Data vault modeling is getting more and more popular for designing data models of enterprise data warehouses. It is an appropriate method for the integration of multiple data sources in agile data warehouse environments. But for analytical queries, it is not very easy to use. A dimensional model with star schemas is still the better choice for this purpose. But how can we combine these two modeling approaches?

In this presentation, we will show several techniques for how a star schema can be built and loaded on top of a data vault model. As a practical example, we created an Autonomous Data Warehouse for our microbrewery using a data vault model. We will show how the data can be extracted in an easy and efficient way to load dimensions and fact tables. But is this really needed? Is it possible and realistic to access the data directly via views on the data vault tables? Can this be implemented effectively and efficiently with the database features available in the Oracle Cloud?

Download File   Craft Beer in the Cloud A Data Warehouse Case Study D Schnider and A Kennel.mp4
Download File   craft_beer_in_the_cloud.pdf

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