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Too Good to Be True? Oracle Machine Learning + Oracle Analytics Cloud 5.7!
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Charles Berger
Date: 2020-08-17
Subtopic: Analytics

Charlie Berger, Oracle Corporation

Oracle Machine Learning is now an included feature of the Oracle Databases (EE, SE2 and Autonomous). With the philosophy “Don’t move data; move the algorithms”, OML delivers 30+ parallelized ML algorithms that leverage the ever expanding Converged Database’s features for scalability, security, diverse datatypes, and APIs. Oracle Analytics Cloud 5.7 exposes the power of Oracle Machine Learning models to OAC users. Now, business analysts, data engineers, citizen data scientists, departmental managers, domain experts, and executives can collaborate to build, evaluate and apply models inside ADW and interactively investigate OML’s insights and predictions using OAC’s ease of use and power. This presentation will provide an overview of Oracle Machine Learning, several quick demonstrations of OML (e.g., employee attrition, targeting customers, fraud detection and the new OAC 5.7 and OML integration). 

Download File   Too Good to Be True Oracle Machine Learning Oracle Analytics Cloud 5.7 Charlie Berger.mp4
Download File   Too Good to Be True_OML_Oracle Analytics Cloud 5_7_CB_2 (1).pdf

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