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WIT Webinar: Career Adversity During the Pandemic
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Alecsandra Maria Mlynarzek
Date: 2020-10-07

Presented by Alecs Mlynarzek, Alithya, and Steisi Manco, Huron Consulting Group, along with panelists Kellyn Gorman, Microsoft, and  Becky Wagner, US Analytics.

In this year of the pandemic we have all felt its impact on both our social and professional lives. Our lifestyle has changed but so have our businesses and our workplaces. Companies have reacted in different ways, but predominantly with increased caution. So how has the pandemic impacted our career growth and opportunities? Has our work changed in any way since all this began almost half a year ago? Should we be adapting to it, or should we just wait it out and hope we will be able to resume our "normal" activities? Join our panel of successful professionals to hear how they are dealing with this situation and to share your own method of living by the “new norm” rules.

Download File   WIT Webinar_ Career Adversity During the Pandemic.mp4

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