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ODTUG EPM Community: Inter-pod Revolutions:Connected Enterprise Solution in Oracle EPM Cloud
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Vatsal P Gaonkar
Date: 2021-02-19

Presented By:Vatsal Gaonkar, Alithya

At the time of this abstract submission, inter-application data transfer solutions are not possible using inter-pod data maps. The session will discuss a library of solutions implemented at clients for transferring between applications in separate pods. Each configuration has its own merits and use case. The four main categories that will be discussed are -
1.Trickle Feed - uses a combination of inter-pod REST API connection, data management load rule, groovy scripting and scheduled EPM Automate job on a jump server to pick-up the files from source and push to target.
2.Focused On-save Push - pushes an intersection from source to target using inter-pod REST API connection, data management load rule and groovy scripting.
3.Scheduled Push- uses a combination of windows or linux job, inter-pod REST API connection, groovy scripting, data management load rule and EPM Automate commands to extract and push data en masse from source to target.
4.Json Extract and Load - uses a combination of groovy scripting and inter-pod REST API connection to extract and push an intersection on-save.

The audience will walk-away with learnings and understanding of inter-pod configurations, mainly for EPM Cloud planning applications. Snippets of code will form the "gold dust" takeaway from the session.

Download File   Inter-pod Revolutions_Connected Enterprise Solution in Oracle EPM Cloud_By_Vatsal Gaonkar.mp4

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