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Long Live Essbase: The Present and the Future
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Edward Roske
Date: 2022-03-16

Presented by Edward Roske and Glenn Schwartzberg

Many of you have heard that OAC Essbase is dead, and that Essbase Cloud is pondering its own mortality too…but you’ve also heard that Essbase on-prem may be coming back?!? In this session, long-time Essbase expert Edward Roske will talk about the recent changes to Essbase that have led to talks of its demise, who benefits and who loses from these changes, and what the roadmap is for Essbase in 21c and beyond. If you're responsible for some of the 3,000,000 users of Essbase worldwide, make sure you attend this hour to hear about the present and the future—there is one, just not what you expect—of Essbase.

Download File   Long Live Essbase The Present and the Future.mp4

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