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From our Friends at Inspirage: Better Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Planning with Oracle Cloud EPM
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Jeannine Denise Nieto
Date: 2022-05-04

Presented by Jeannine Nieto
Senior Consultant, EPM

In this session, we will discuss our client’s path to automated balance sheet and cash flow planning. Attendees will learn how a tedious and time-consuming Excel process was successfully automated using the financials model in Enterprise Planning. We will outline the pain points that existed in the legacy process and explain how driver-based balance sheet planning and out-of-box indirect cash flow functionality allowed our client to streamline and enhance their planning process. With the new Oracle Cloud EPM solution, Inspirage was able to automate a previously spreadsheet-driven process. By centralizing planning assumptions and data in the Oracle Cloud, we were able to leverage out-of-the box functionality to transform their process and utilize best practices in driver-based planning.

Download File   From our Friends at Inspirage_ Better Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Planning with Oracle Cloud EPM.mp4

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