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Getting Started with Essbase Calculations
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Ron Moore
Date: 2012-08-28
Subtopic: EPM

Ron Moore, MTG

The ability to easily implement sophisticated calculations is Essbase’s competitive advantage. No competitive product can equal Essbase when it comes to sophisticated calculations. Adding more sophisticated logic to your databases is frequently the easiest way to boost ROI because you provide more insightful and more actionable information.  So who should learn Essbase calcs and how do you get started? Anyone doing numerical analysis should learn Essbase calcs including financial analysts, marketing analysts, and the IT people supporting them. The secret sauce is global, cross-dimensional operations. Almost any large system built in Excel and most analytical systems built in relational databases would be more secure, less error prone, and easier to build, use, and maintain in Essbase. And it’s not really that hard.  In one hour we will introduce Essbase (BSO) calculations concepts and present a number of the most important commands, functions, and constructs. Using MTG’s “Visual Approach to Essbase Calculations,” we will have you writing some calc scripts before you know it. We will make some suggestions for how to keep learning such as additional classes and cheap and free resources.  

Topics include:  

·         Basic syntax  

·         Creating calculations using intersection names  

·         Global calculation concepts  

·         Calc All; and Calc Dim 

·         Two-Pass calcs  

·         If and Fix  

·         Functions for crossing dimensions and hierarchies    

.         A simple allocation example

Download File   RMoore_2012-04-10.wmv
Download File   Calcs Basics Webcast V2 (ODTUG).pdf

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