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From our Friends at Pure Storage - Not Your Daddy’s Muscle Car: What Every Oracle Data Professional
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Brittany Butler
Date: 2023-04-17

Presented by Jim Czuprynski, Zero Defect Computing
Ron Ekins, Pure Storage

Like your father’s favorite muscle car from the early 1980s, MySQL has transformed itself into a sleek, powerful 2020s EV. It’s still one of the world’s most popular open-source databases providing developer agility, real-time analytics, and other innovative features. MySQL has seen wide adoption over the years and is used today by (surprisingly!) large IT organizations to support their mission-critical production environments.

In this session we’ll discuss:
● The evolution of MySQL and what it means for Oracle data professionals
● The crucial role played by data services in MySQL environments
● Architectural tips and best practices that will help you become data heroes, meet SLA commitments, and empower your development teams

Download File   From our Friends at Pure Storage Not Your Daddys Muscle Car.mp4

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