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Recovering from the Most Common APEX Mistakes
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Scott Spendolini
Date: 2012-08-31
Subtopic: Application Express

Scott Spendolini and John Scott, Sumneva

Everyone makes mistakes. Being able to recover from them is what sets us apart. With the proper infrastructure and practices in place, most of these mistakes - at least the APEX-related ones - can be easily and quickly erased, as if they never even happened. This presentation will highlight some of the most commonly made APEX-related mistakes that we have seen and perhaps, have even made ourselves. More importantly, it will outline and demonstrate techniques and advice on how to mitigate and/or recover from each one of them.

Download File   2010-03-02_15.02_Recovering_from_the_Most_Common_APEX_Mistakes.wmv

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