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From Our Friends at Alithya:A Whale of a Tale! How Pacific Life Breached the Cloud with DRM to EDM..
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Brittany Butler
Date: 2023-08-23

Presented by Kevin Black, Alithya and Stephanie Blair, Pacific Life

Pacific Life needed to migrate its whale-sized, but aging, Data Relationship Management (DRM) and Data Relationship Governance (DRG) footprint to the cloud as part of a larger ground-to-cloud and financial transformation initiative.

The DRM/DRG implementation had been successful and well-adopted, and solved many issues such as removing barriers and silos across organizations, aligning master data across business domains, and automating the master data maintenance process to provide consistency, quality, and integrity. It was critical these tenets were carried forward during the “surfacing” journey to EDM.

Join us in this session to learn how Pacific Life pulled this off and hear more about topics such as:
• Establishing EDM as a master data hub for numerous target applications including ERP, EPM, and non-Oracle systems
• Translating extensive DRG workflows into the EDM approval policy paradigm (including a brief demo)
• Technical and process challenges and growing pains in switching from the DRM product and mindset to EDM
• Approaches on educating and training the EDM administrators, data stewards, and data governance users
• Lessons learned, benefits, and next steps in the Pacific Life cloud transformation

Download File   A Whale of a Tale How Pacific Life Breached the Cloud with DRM to EDM Migration.mp4

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