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Thinking Clearly about XML
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Marco Gralike
Date: 2012-08-31
Subtopic: Administration

Marco Gralike, Amis

Do you not also think that working with XML is a hassle? It's difficult to get XML data in the database and even more difficult to get the needed values out? Where do you start? How do you start? Those first steps can be very annoying. This presentation will give you a head start on how to begin and where to go further on in the process of handling XML data. It will provide you with the concepts that will make your life easier when you will have to deal with XML in your Oracle relational database realm.  The presentation will explain the first steps about handling XML. What are the most efficient ways to get XML data into your Oracle database, how to store it, and how to get the needed values out of the XML so you can insert them, for example, into our relational environment? It will explain the mechanisms and methods behind this XML parsing, extracting, and generation of data and show the tradeoffs between the possible methods (storage/design/indexing/etc). It will provide a roadmap to success, without getting frustrated due to "why XML is just not performing like the standard Relational Model,” which, in principal, it can, if the mechanics are better understood.  In principle, there isn't that much new stuff under the sun. It is all about data handling. Stuff we have done for years, stuff we know; explained by a presenter which will guide you through this XML material from a relational database point-of-view.

Download the Presentation here

Download File   MGralike_2012-01-19.wmv

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