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Back to Basics: Simple Database Web Services Without the Need for SOA
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Chris Muir
Date: 2012-08-31
Subtopic: Development

Chris Muir, Sage Computing

Oracle is heavily heading down the SOA line which can be intimidating to database programmers with no experience in the Web service arena or running application servers, let alone SOA. This presentation will identify, as a first step, that database programmers can make use of database packages like utl_http, utl_dbws, and 11g's Native Web Services for consuming and publishing Web services without adopting SOA straight off the ranks.  


- Basic Web service terminology: HTTP, SOAP, WSDL, RPC vs. Document styles   

-Consuming Web services from the Oracle Database options   

-Investigation of utl_http and utl_dbws   

-Publishing native Web services from the Oracle 11g Database  

Download File   CMuir_2011-06-09.wmv

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