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Studio for the Family
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Richard Hoeschele
Date: 2012-09-04
Subtopic: EPM

Rich Hoeschele, Advanced EPM

This presentation is geared as an introduction to Studio. It will cover creating a simple Essbase model from an existing star schema. It will follow Oracles process flow. It will provide suggestions and examples of the common tasks required to create an Essbase model using Studio.  Each area will be expanded to include suggestions on procedures to simplify maintenance and avoid expensive modifications.

  • Star Schema structures.
  • Creating data sources.
  • Minischemas.
  • Hierarchies.
  • Measures hierarchies.
  • Alias manager.
  • Cube Schema
  • Cube deployment.
  • Drill through reports.


Download File   2010-11-02 15.02 Studio for the Whole Family.wmv

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