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HFM vs. Essbase BSO: A Comparative Anatomy
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Keith Berry
Date: 2012-09-04
Subtopic: EPM

Keith Berry, US-Analytics

So, you're working on a joint HFM/Planning implementation and want them both to perform with lightening speed. What makes Essbase fast should work in HFM, right? Well, maybe! This presentation will compare in detail the inner workings of HFM and Essbase BSO and highlight the different strategies used by each system to process data. The session will discuss where familiar Essbase concepts such as dense/sparse, block size, dynamic calc, etc. apply to HFM and where they don't. The session will highlight the different design principles needed to optimize each system and touch on other issues (shared hierarchies, data integration) designers face on joint HFM/Planning/Essbase implementations.


Download File   2012-09-04 12.00 HFM vs. Essbase BSO_ A Comparative Anatomy, Keith Berry, US-Analytics.wmv
Download File   Berry_EssbaseBSOvsHFM.pdf

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