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MDX Quick Start Workshop
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Ron Moore
Date: 2013-03-06
Subtopic: EPM

Ron MooreMarketing Technologies Group

MDX is everywhere and this workshop is designed to get you writing it fast. MDX is used to query BSO and ASO cubes and to write ASO member formulas. It’s also used in ASO procedural calculations, triggers, and ASO partial clears. Smart View users can use MDX to do powerful Smart View reporting. It’s an industry standard language that is supported by many other BI vendors.

This workshop will start right off writing simple queries and progress quickly to some fairly complex queries. The workshop will cover basic and intermediate ASO member formulas such as simple ratios, cross dimensional operations, and hierarchical references (cross-dims, descendants, parents, ancestors, etc.). Finally the workshop will cover some time-based calculations including period-to-date calcs and leads and lags.

The workshop uses the ASOSamp database and PDF documentation is provided so you can follow along with the exercises and examples. Please download the PDF's below:

MDX Quick Start Workshop Exercises

MDX Quick Start Workshop Overview

MDX QuickStart Workshop Detailed Class Prep


Download File   2013-03-05 15.00 MDX Quick Start Workshop, Ron Moore, Marketing Technologies Group.wmv
Download File   MDX_Quick_Start_Slides.pdf

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