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Agile to DevOps: Taking Database ALM to the Next Level
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Uri Margalit
Date: 2013-04-18
Subtopic: EPM

Uri MargalitdbMaestro

The hot buzzwords today in software development and IT are Agile and DevOps (considered by many as the "Operations side of Agile"). This webinar will discuss the gap existing between software development, IT infrastructure, and database development regarding development (Version Control), Agile (automation of the deployment scripts), and DevOps (generating the correct deploy script based on approved changes). We will cover methods, processes, and tools that can close this gap.


Download File   2013-04-18 15.00 Agile to DevOps_ Taking Database ALM to the Next Level, Uri Margalit, dbMaestro.wmv
Download File   Agile to DevOps Taking Database ALM to the Next Level.pptx

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