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Too Big for Kscope13 - Part 1 of Six Advanced Planning Topics
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Cameron Lackpour
Date: 2013-07-22
Subtopic: EPM

Jessica Cordova, ARC EPM Consulting & Cameron Lackpour, CL Solve

Too big for Kscope13?  Really?  How about too long?  Yup, we had so much great advanced Planning content that we simply couldn't fit our presentation into to a single session's 60-ish minutes.  We cut our Advanced Planning suit to fit our Kscope13 session time cloth (I hope we now win a new-to-ODTUG award for tortured analogy as applied to a conference session) but with the (only slightly disturbing for two grown adults) pinky promise that the ODTUG world would get all of the content via webinars.  And that's exactly what this webinar presentation is all about.

Part 1
Part one of this two part series is what we didn't cover at Kscope13, i.e., a general set of good Planning project practices and then a focus on two hacks that support those good practices:
• Planning for Success
• Using an Inherited Security Model
• Bringing Metaread Filters to Planning

Jessica Cordova, ARC EPM Consulting & Cameron Lackpour, CL Solve

Download File   Top Six Advanced Planning Tips Final Part1.pdf
Download File   Part 1 of Six Advanced Planning Topics_Jessica Cordova_ Cameron Lackpour.wmv

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