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Introduction to the APEX Listener 2.0
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Kris Rice
Date: 2013-08-23
Subtopic: Application Express

The APEX Listener's 2.0 release coupled with SQL Developer 3.2 or the upcoming 4.0 adds even more useful features. Starting from the very beginning, the configuration has been completely overhauled and has a new interface in SQL Developer which comes with a command line. RESTful Services have also been reworked to be more tightly integrated with Application Express. And finally, one of the most asked for features: supporting multiple databases. There are many options for defining this feature and it also includes custom domains all served from the one installation of the APEX Listener. This session has lots to cover so come ready to take notes!

Download File   2013-08-22 15.00 Introduction to the APEX Listener 2.0, Kris Rice, Oracle Corporation.wmv

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