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So You Know BSO...What about ASO?
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Brian Marshall
Date: 2013-08-29
Subtopic: EPM

If you've been using BSO for years and just haven't had a chance to look into ASO yet, this presentation is for you. Learn how to apply all of your BSO knowledge and experience to ASO cubes. Much of what you know from BSO can be applied to ASO. And while ASO may be the new technology of choice, it still has limitations and challenges. This webinar will cover these challenges and limitations and discuss when BSO is still the better choice. ASO has a lot to offer, and with your BSO knowledge, you can be up-to-speed on ASO in no time! The webinar will round things out with a live demo and Q&A.

Download File   2013-08-29 12.00 So You Know BSO...What about ASO_, Brian Marshall, US-Analytics.wmv

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