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What? You're Still Not Using Groovy? (Now with more Essbase!)
Topic: Webinars
Owner: David Schleis
Date: 2013-09-23
Subtopic: EPM

David Schleis, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene & Joe Aultman, interRel Consulting

If you spend time writing Java code, and you're not using Groovy, you're spending too much time writing code. If you've ever pondered an Essbase automation problem and said, "I wish I knew how to write Java," and you haven't looked into Groovy, your answer is here. Groovy is an object-oriented dynamic language (also referred to as a scripting language) like Ruby or PHP. Like these languages, Groovy is much easier to use and has a simpler syntax than Java. However, what makes Groovy different than other scripting languages is that it compiles to Java bytecode. This means that Java programs can run Groovy, and Groovy programs can run Java. This seamless integration with Java and its concise syntax are why Groovy is the language of choice for scripting of ADF Business Components. This integration also means that writing in Groovy makes it easier to use existing Java libraries; including the Java libraries of the Essbase Java API. This session is an introduction to the Groovy programming language and how it can be used in conjunction with the Essbase JAPI to make advanced automation more accessible.


Download File   What_ You_re Still Not Using Groovy.wmv

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