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You Cannot be Mobile Without a Good Back-end
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Frederic Desbiens
Date: 2013-10-15
Subtopic: ADF

Smartphones and tablets are becoming commonplace and offer endless possibilities for organizations wishing to empower their employees and serve their customers better. With the recent release of ADF Mobile, Oracle offers to its customers a powerful toolkit to take advantage of these possibilities while leveraging the current skill set of their developers. This is true both of the user interface and the back-end.

Mobile applications do not exist in a vacuum. They always connect to some back-end in one way or another. Experience has shown that an under-performing or poorly designed back-end will make even the best mobile applications useless. The service-oriented features found in the ADF framework, and particularly in the ADF Business Components layer, provide a solid foundation for mobile back-ends. The aim of this session is to show how to build flexible and SOA-compliant back-ends using Oracle ADF in order to withstand the rigors of the mobile universe. It will also highlight how other Fusion Middleware products, such as Oracle SOA Suite, can provide more robustness and scalability.

The agenda for the session is:

1. Brief Description of ADF Mobile
2. SOA Primer
3. Choosing a Web Services Back-end
4. Typical Issues you Will Face
5. How Fusion Middleware can Help


Download File   You Cannot be Mobile Without a Good Back-end, Frédéric Desbiens.wmv

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