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Getting (Even More) Serious about Data Quality and Governance
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Lauren Elizabeth Prezby
Date: 2014-03-11

Ron Moore, MTG; Cameron Lackpour, CLSolve; & Joe Caserta, Caserta Concepts

Nothing is more important than data quality. But if the steps to insure high data quality aren’t fast and easy people won’t do them – or at least they won’t do enough of them. It was always a difficult job and it consumes a lot of resources even with traditional data sources such as ERP that are relatively well behaved. Now analytics is spreading to more users and to data that’s far less well behaved. What should we be doing and how can we make it as fast and easy as possible?

In this webinar we will put those questions to our panelists and we will invite your opinions and questions. Some of our topics will include:

• Is data quality really a problem? Where and how much?
• Who has responsibility for data quality?
• What techniques can we apply at the data source?
• What techniques can we apply within Essbase and Planning?
• Can we adopt some “simple stupid rules” for DQ?
• What is the role of documentation?
• What documentation is effective and worth the effort?

Panelists include: Joe Caserta, Caserta Concepts; Cameron Lackpour, CLSolve; and Ron Moore, MTG. Cameron and Ron will bring an Essbase perspective. Joe will provide a data warehouse and big data perspective.

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