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Thinking Strategically: Critically Assessing Your Current EPM/BI Applications
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Joe Aultman
Date: 2014-05-02
Subtopic: EPM

In today's “git ’er done now” world, people rarely stop implementing and maintaining long enough to ask themselves, “What's the point?” In this session, we will teach you how to go from thinking tactically about specific applications to thinking strategically about how all the products work well together. Covered will be specific assessment techniques such as when to put things in cubes vs. relational databases, determining which BI products should be discontinued, ways to integrate BI products from multiple vendors, and how to prepare a three- to five-year strategic roadmap that will drive your company forward. If you want to be the one at your company who can rise above the fray and see the big picture of Oracle EPM and BI, then you should definitely attend this session! 

Download File   Thinking Strategically_ Critically Assessing Your Current EPM_BI Applications.wmv

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