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Calc Manager Rules with an ASO Cube: Yes, It Works!
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Ludovic De Paz
Date: 2014-10-07
Subtopic: EPM

Ludovic De Paz and Paul Hoch, TopDown Consulting; Cameron Lackpour, ACE Director  

You might have noticed that ASO applications are listed in Calc Manager, and this begs a number of questions:

1. What can Calc Manager do for your ASO application?
2. What can't Calc Manager do for your ASO application?
3. What are the benefits of Calc Manager for an ASO database?
4. What are the best practices for using Calc Manager with an Essbase cube?

In this webinar, Paul Hoch, principal architect for TopDown Consulting, and Ludovic De Paz, senior consultant for TopDown Consulting, will answer these questions and more. The session will include real-life examples and case studies of successful implementations, as well as limits, gotchas, and workarounds.


Download File   CLackpour_10_7_14.wmv

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