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Drillbridge: The Easy (and Free) Way to Implement Hyperion Drill-Through
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Jason Jones
Date: 2014-10-28
Subtopic: EPM


Jason Jones, Saxifrage Systems LLC

Oracle Essbase has long been recognized for its power to slice and dice data. The data that is loaded to Essbase is often summarized somehow – consolidated by time period, business unit, product, or more. Drill-through enables users to drill from the consolidated data in Essbase back to the detailed records in a relational database.
This is where Drillbridge comes in. Drillbridge is a free component that finally makes it easy to implement drill-through from an Essbase cube to any relational data – even if that relational database isn’t directly used to load the cube in the first place. Drillbridge’s incremental and evolutionary approach to implementing drill-through lets users enhance the capabilities of their existing cubes and infrastructure without having to migrate, redevelop, or upgrade any of their existing software and infrastructure.

Download File   Drillbridge_ The Easy and Free Way to Implement Hyperion Drill-Through JJones.wmv

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