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Calc Manager: Pushing the Envelope to Drive ROI
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Ron Moore
Date: 2015-01-27
Subtopic: EPM

Ron Moore, TopDown Consulting


Join Ron Moore, solutions architect for TopDown Consulting, to learn how to take advantage of Calc Manager’s new features to speed up routine processes and add new analytical power.

Webcast topics provide tips, tricks, and best practices, including:

• Automating dynamic backup and restore on regions of the database
• “Packaging” powerful analytics, such as rolling calculations, projections, and allocations
• Strategies for rationalizing many repetitive calc scripts
• Using custom templates
• Using new debugging and optimization features

At the end of the webcast, you will have some new tricks you can use right away as well as some new ideas to increase analytical power and ROI. 


Download File   Calc Manager_ Pushing the Envelope to Drive ROI.wmv

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