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The Tie That Binds: An Introduction to ADF Bindings
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Peter Koletzke
Date: 2015-05-19
Subtopic: ADF

Peter Koletzke, Quovera

Connecting data from a data source in user interface components on a webpage was previously a difficult task, but ADF offers an easy way to do it: ADF Bindings. This presentation briefly reviews where ADF Model (ADFm) fits in ADF development and how ADF bindings allow you to quickly connect a user interface page to business services such as ADF Business Components. The presentation provides details and shows examples of how ADF bindings work, how to automatically bind data elements to visual elements, what types of bindings are available, and where binding code appears. It also explains the basics of the expression language used to bind model layer components to view layer components and gives an example of how to manipulate bindings programmatically.


Download File   2015-05-19 12.01 The Tie That Binds_ An Introduction to ADF Bindings, Peter Koletzke, Quovera.wmv
Download File   koletzke_adf_bindings.pdf

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