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Leadership Program FAQ Webinar
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Erin Davis
Date: 2015-07-29

 As part of our continuing effort to offer learning opportunities in all areas relevant to our membership, ODTUG is pleased to open enrollment for the third class of the ODTUG Leadership Program. This nine-month program was piloted in 2013; our graduates have become such assets to the ODTUG community that we have fully dedicated ourselves to continuing this fantastic program.

The program is limited to an extremely small group of participants. As a part of the program, participants will receive a complimentary pass to ODTUG Kscope16, where you will bond with other participants - all while volunteering, learning more about ODTUG and attending sessions. You must be a paid member to participate, but the program is free! Enrollment ends August 14!

We will have a 30 minute question and answer webinar for those who are interested in submitting an application for the Leadership Program. 

Send any questions to prior to the webinar. We will also take questions during the webinar.   


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