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How to Drill from Essbase to Relational Data in OBIEE When Vertical Federation Is Not an Option
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Krishna Marur
Date: 2015-08-25
Subtopic: Analytics

Krishna Marur, Brother International 

With the option to set the Essbase dimensions to value-based hierarchy so you don’t have to re-import your Essbase cube into OBIEE repository, you lose the functionality of vertical federation that lets you drill seamlessly from Essbase to relational data. If you want to take advantage of not having to re-import your frequently changing Essbase cube but still want to provide your users the functionality to drill into relational data, then attend this presentation. It will show you how to use action links to pass parameters from reports built using Essbase to reports built using relational database. Have you had your users ask you for hierarchical Essbase dimensions on dashboard prompts because that’s how they are used to selecting them in Smart View, yet you know that you cannot add a hierarchical column to the filters section of the report? This presentation will also show how to provide users with hierarchical prompts on dashboards and pass them to reports.

Download File   Drill from Essbase to Relational Data in OBIEE KMarur.mp4
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