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OBIEE Can Help You Achieve Your GOOOOOOOOOALS!
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Andy Rocha
Date: 2015-09-22
Subtopic: Analytics

Andy Rocha and Peter Tamisin, Rittman Mead 

The World Cup is the most captivating sports event in the world. We work with the best BI tool in the world. So, why not bring the two together?

With that in mind, we used OBIEE to create our own game-tracking page for the 2014 World Cup. Using several visualization tools (D3, HTML/CSS for spatial analysis, image deployments, jQuery, and good old OBIEE graphs), Rittman Mead's own Socialize tool (have you ever though about adding commentary to your dashboards?) as well as our own data entry tool (developed in Grails!) we created a great dashboard that updates users with real time scores, stats, match events, player and team information and allows them to leave their own comments about each match.

In this presentation, we will mock our own little soccer match, so we can then break apart the dashboard and discuss with the audience each piece of technology involved in building the final product.

Download File   OBIEE Can Help You Achieve Your GOOOOOOOOOALS Rocha Tamasin.mp4
Download File   OBIEE_Goals_KScope.pdf

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