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Best Practices for Upgrading and Migrating to EPM and Beyond
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Eric Helmer
Date: 2016-03-30
Subtopic: EPM

Eric Helmer, ADI Strategies
Oracle ACE Director Eric Helmer walks you through what you need to know before considering upgrading to Technical considerations are covered, along with best practices and proven methodology to ensure you know what you can expect with your transition to Oracle’s newest version. Get a glimpse into an EPM Maturity Benchmarking Scale to find out where you rank in your business and discover the critical six steps that are taken during modern upgrade projects.

• Learn the new themes in features and functionality of the latest versions of Oracle EPM.
• Learn how organizations use upgrades as an opportunity to modernize infrastructure and quality assurance processes.
• Learn the general steps and considerations to upgrade to the latest version. 

Download File   Best Practices for Upgrading and Migrating to EPM 11124 EHelmer.mp4
Download File   upgrading to EPM 11 1 2 4.pdf

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