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Translate APEX Project
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Przemysław Staniszewski
Date: 2016-06-16
Subtopic: Application Express

Aljaž Mali, Abakus Plus, and Przemysław Staniszewski, Pretius
If your Oracle Application Express application uses a language that is not among the 10 languages into which APEX is translated, you must translate messages displayed by the APEX reporting engine. On November 30, 2015, Pretius ( launched the website. This project is the collection of free translations of APEX internal messages to help the APEX Community develop applications in something other than 10 default languages. The website allows you to browse translations (over 30 different languages available so far), download installation script for any APEX version starting from 3.0, and share your translation with others. All translations are available for free and have been created by the APEX Community.

At the same time, Aljaz Mali of Abakus Plus was working on an application that helps you to centralize, consolidate, and simplify management of APEX text messages. This application was released during the APEX World conference as part of OraOpenSource project. During this presentation, we will discuss the APEX translation project and how it has connected over 30 APEX developers from all around the world. We will also show practical use of the website and how you can use the APEX translation application to simplify management of APEX text messages and the localization process.

Download File   Translate APEX AMali and PStaniszewski.mp4

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