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How to Do and Choose Your Best Performance Analysis Strategy
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Craig Shallahamer
Date: 2016-07-26

Craig Shallahamer, OraPub
The phone rings. It’s performance again, and users are not happy. What is your next move? What is your strategy to identify the issue, develop solutions, and communicate that to others? That’s what this webinar is all about.
As Oracle DBAs, we have two fundamental performance analysis strategies: time-based and sample-based (ASH). Each strategy has strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these differences and how to exploit them gives you the edge in solving the puzzle.
In this webinar, you’ll get a quick introduction of each strategy, highlighting how they work, their differences, and how to use them. This webinar will be 80% “how to” with live demonstrations (typing) and 20% pure knowledge (slides)

Download File   How to Do and Choose Your Best Performance Analysis Strategy C Shallahamer.mp4

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