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Introduction to Breadboard Circuits and I/O for Raspberry Pi!
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Jeremy David Harms
Date: 2016-08-19

Jeremy Harms, EmeraldCube Solutions

Grab an old broken radio and whip out your trusty MacGyver Swiss Army knife. Buy $5 worth of electronic components. Rummage up a 9V battery and jack in a #2 pencil. Read the instructions; plug it all up. Draw a line on some paper, and touch it with your finger to become part of your circuit – you’re now literally drawing with sound! Drawing + audio = the Drawdio circuit.

  • Breadboard circuits 101
  • Tools of the trade
  • Reading schematics and building circuits – Drawdio circuit demo!
  • Physical computing I/O example – integrate a circuit with Raspberry Pi pins


Download File   Intro to Breadboard Circuits and IO for Raspberry Pi J Harms.mp4

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