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Oracle SQLcl and SQL Developer Tips and Tricks
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Jeff Smith
Date: 2016-10-21

Jeff Smith, Oracle Corporation

This session has something for everyone. The DBA, the developer, the beginner, the expert – all will walk away with at least two or three new techniques in their favorite SQL-PL/SQL IDE and database GUI. I have fun doing this presentation, and I think you'll have fun participating or just soaking in some new things to try out. The presentation changes as the product updates, but the gist remains the same: Show folks the things they need to know to go from casual users to experts.

I guarantee each attendee that they will pick up two or three new things/techniques/tricks that will fundamentally change the way they use the tool. This adds up to a lot of saved time, and just as importantly, a happier end user. 

Download File   Jeff Smith Oracle Corporation 1020 DB.mp4

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