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FDMEE Smart Replace for HFM
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Bernard Ash
Date: 2016-11-09
Subtopic: EPM

Bernard Ash, EPM Clarity

While HFM clears the entities in your current load file, it will not clear entities that were loaded previously. A clear of entities from a previous load could be required if someone books some transactions incorrectly (for example, to the wrong entities) and they flow through to HFM. Smart Replace will catch and clear ALL entities (even from previous loads) and by doing so will save customers from many hours of digging to find out why their data doesn't tie. Many thanks to Tony Scalese for writing the first generation of this Smart Replace module in VBScript, but this demo and code are by EPM Clarity in Jython for FDMEE compatibility. It is in production at Chevron. 

Download File   Bernard Ash EPM Clarity Nov 8.mp4

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