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Taste of Kscope17 Webinar Series: Change Impact Analysis with 12.2 PL/Scope
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Steven Feuerstein
Date: 2017-04-06
Subtopic: Development

Steven Feuerstein, Oracle Corporation

PL/Scope, first introduced in 11.1, offers a powerful code analysis tool, baked right into PL/SQL. With it, you can answer questions such as, "Where is this variable modified in my code?", "Which packages invoke a specific overloading of a function?" and "Show me all my unused declarations." Cool stuff. But prior to 12.2, SQL statements were not a part of that analysis. Now in 12.2, PL/Scope also gathers information about static SQL statements and where dynamic SQL is executed in your code. As a result, you can now use PL/Scope to perform comprehensive, detailed analysis of the impact of planned changes to your code base. In this webinar, Steven Feuerstein introduces attendees to PL/Scope, explores 12.2 enhancements, and provides scripts everyone can use to leverage PL/Scope in their dev environment.

Download File   04062017 Impact Analysis with PL Scope Steven Feuerstein Oracle Corporation.mp4

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