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Performant Faceted Search Navigation in APEX with Oracle JET and PL/SQL Table Pipelines
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Erik Espinoza
Date: 2017-04-27
Subtopic: Application Express

Erik Espinoza, Viscosity North America

Faceted navigation is arguably the most significant search innovation of the past decade. Leveraged by retail sites including Amazon, Home Depot, and Zappos, faceted search allows users to quickly narrow a massive result set by giving them guides (the facets) of the major groups of their results. In this session, we discuss both thick and thin ways of doing this, from enterprise applications such as Oracle Endeca to simple methods using PL/SQL pipelined functions. We show you a retail use case and PL/SQL faceted database search, APEX application, and Oracle JET extensions.


Download File   042717 Performant Faceted Search Navigation in APEX with Oracle JET E Espinoza.mp4

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