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Essbase for R (Not R for Essbase)
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Jon Keskitalo
Date: 2017-05-11
Subtopic: EPM

Jon Keskitalo, eCapital Advisors

"Machine learning" and other types of advanced analysis are the next big opportunities for business, but large organizations are still trying to figure out how to make full use of their potential. Tools like the R language are gateways to these concepts, but how do they fit into our existing world? Most people don't realize that at the heart of many of these technologies lies a familiar concept: multidimensional cubes! Follow a walk-through of a machine learning project coded in pure, native Essbase, and see how this standard corporate analytical technology might be a lot closer to the bleeding edge than you think. If you have been looking for an intro to machine learning concepts via the lens of dimensions and cubes, this is the presentation for you.

Download File   051117 Essbase for R Not R for Essbase Jon Keskitalo eCapital Advisors.mp4

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